Wow, have I been busy. Haven't updated the blog in like 3 weeks.

The reason? My company's newest game, Tap Party, has finally gone gold. Three times! What do I mean by that? It's a funny story.

So we finished the game at the end of September, and sent it off to Apple. I thought I had tested it, and it seemed to work right. However, once it was accepted and put in the app store, we found to my horror that the games in-game menus were bugged out. They worked, but the backgrounds were rendered in the wrong location.

I gave Angelo the files, and it was bugged for him when he compiled, but not mine! I had no idea what could be wrong. We pulled the game off the app store.

I panicked, changed some thing, and sent it off to Angelo again. For some reason, it worked on his. So I figured, I musta done something to fix it, and sent it off to Apple again to be approved as 1.0.1.

Well, we were approved again and once it was on the store, again the menu was bugged.

At this point, I'm freaked. I am upset we might have to remove the whole menu just to make the game shippable. I look over my code and check and double check on what could possibly be wrong... It worked for Angelo and me, and I compiled it and sent it off to Apple and it doesn't work? What could possibly be wrong?

At this point of the story, Angelo realizes whats wrong. And I feel really, really stupid for not thinking of this sooner. That isn't to say it was a stupid mistake, however. See, Angelo thought what could be different then our build and what Apple has? Well, the Distribution compile settings. There are exact two differences between the Debugging compile and the Distribution compile (besides provisioning profile information). So he checked, and it was indeed one of those settings. By unchecking "Unroll Loops", the problem is solved.

Now, I would assume unrolling a loop should not cause problems in code, since it's just unrolling what will be done either way. But I guess Cocos2d's code must have some type of weird bug that causes a problem, I'm not sure. I can see no possible reason why my code would have that problem, since the code relating to the problem objects isn't even in a loop.

There is no reason why Unrolling Loops would break the code. But hey, there is no reason any anything shouldn't work. It just means somethings wrong.

Now we're in the Apple Approval process for 1.0.2. This time, I think, we'll actual keep the game on the app store for more then an hour or two. Look for it soon!