Bought new shelves for the house.

We moved the catacomb-thing to the other wall, getting rid of the mostly-useless shelf thing and gave my mom the big ass painting I had on the wall. Now we have two more full bookshelves.

The two we have now are getting rather full, and some shelves are starting to bend with the weight! But instead of just spreading things out, we plan to use these for Boardgames. Normally we keep the boardgames upstairs on the desk there. It isn't so great for parties, because people have to constantly run up and down them to check our collection. Now we'll have everything out in the open ready for play.

Not sure where I'll keep D&D stuff though. I'm thinking moving it up to the desk having a nice row of books, since you don't need to reference those as often. Should be plenty of room between the two shelves for all the boardgames we have, I think. Very much so if we put some on the top of the shelves. Otherwise we'll use the desk for game-creation stuff.

Now I'll need to reorganize everything down there and tidy things up a bit... All part of my master-cleaning plan! Yes, I have a master cleaning plan... My bedroom/bathroom is almost done, then once I finish up the dining room I'll move to the living room and computer room. The computer room is last because... It's gonna be the hardest.

My desk is more then a little messy...