Until now, Walt Disney himself would not be allowed to work for Disney Parks due to his 'stash.I have this weird dream of someday working for Disneyland. But I have this beard, and I'm rather fond of it, so I hesitate at having to shave it off due to Disneyland's no facial hair policy.

Welp, now I'm just one step closer to be able to fulfill my dream!


Now, working for Disneyland as a ride operator isn't exactly a glamorous career choice. I am very happy with my game development pursuits. However, I LOVE Disney magic, and I would really like to, even if for just one season, work there some day.

Perhaps as a good retirement I'll do it. When I don't have to worry about money and I can just waste away a few months going to Disneyland every day and making dreams come true.

I think I'd make a good Jungle Cruise Skipper...

..."And ladies and gentlemen, I give you to, THE BACK SIDE OF WATER!"

Yep, that'd be fun.